Name: Heiko Popp
Birthdate: January 14 1970
Lives in: Hohenberg/Eger, Germany
After 13 years in school which ended with my matriculation I studied physics for four years. Since it became a little too mathematical for me after that time, I switched to studying archeology, the second field I was always interested in.
Unfortunately I had to quit that due to health reasons. I then made an education as programmer and program-developer at the EDV-Schulen Wiesau. During that time a few friends and I started a small company called netminds where I am working now.

As you can see by the pictures on this site my two greatest hobbies are Star Trek and raytracing. I started raytracing in 1996 when I finally found a raytracer that had a simple interface and a real good rendering quality.

My first pictures were created on an old Amiga 2000/060 and 42 MB of RAM with Cinema 4D V3.
After switching from A1200/060 to A4000T PPC604/200 which always had not enough memory for what I wanted to do, I finally had to change platform from Amiga to DEC-Alpha when Maxon cancelled any further development of Cinema on the Amiga.
Today I am working with a DEC Alpha 533MHz and 256 MB of RAM and a dual Celeron 466MHz with 384 MB of RAM.

If there is something you like (or donīt like) about this site, feel free to contact me. I always like getting email.

Many thanks to Rigel Chiokis, Ken Roberts and Tony Andersen for making this site possible.

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