07.10. 2003
  • A new section with WIP-pics in the Perry Rhodan section
21.07. 2003
  • Uploaded the Con-Opener for the Garching-Con 2003 into the PR-animation section.
19.05. 2003
  • No redesign, but some new pictures in the "Perry Rhodan" section :)
29.04. 2003
  • Well, it has been quite a while, since there were any updates here. For the last months I used the webspace only to put anims online for coordinating several projects.
    Since preparations of the anims for the Perry Rhodan Con in Garching later this year are more or less over, I decided that maybe I could do something here again.

    The design is a little out of date and I am thinking about doing a complete redesign. Since I am at work at the moment, there are not that many new things. I only put links to some anims that I had in the projects-folder and I cleaned up the link-list.
    More updates will follow when I sorted out some new stuff on my hd at home :)

    For now, there is a new anim in the "Perry Rhodan" section showing the battle with the Dolans how it should have looked like in the PROC-Video for the Garching-Con 2001 and there is an animation in the "Animations 2"-section showing a Star Trek anim I did for OmegaRaal as the closing-credits for one of his great anims.

13.04. 2001
  • Since I finally got my own webspace, I finally got to moving most of the stuff over to the new site and getting rid of all those broken links. Especially the stuff on the Perry Rhodan-page should be working again. I hope to put some new stuff there soon, too.
18.09. 2000
  • Since a lot of pics and anims moved to another server, they have not been available for a few days. My appologies for any inconveniences. I also took some older anims offline.
  • One new pic in the misc section.
  • Two new sections: Hard Times with some pics from a new anim I am currently working on and Joined Projects with some links to some projects I have done/will be doing with some friends. At the moment mainly the Northstar anims from Tony Andersen.
07.06. 2000
  • Updated a few short clips from the Revision Alchemist. Since this project is in a state of limbo at the moment, these might as well be the last clips to appear there.
    A few new pics and anims should follow later this week.
12.03. 2000
  • The Aminet-mirror at Paderborn has been quite unreliable during the last few months, so I changed the links to another mirror. Thanks to the people making me aware of this problem.
08.03. 2000
  • All the newer files from me were not available during the last few days. I was able to find a new home for those files which are online again. Thanks to Tony Andersen for the space.
19.01. 2000
  • Welcome in the new year!
    Added a new page for "The Revision Alchemist". There are some new previews for this film and a trailer.
29.11. 1999
  • The older pics should be functioning again.
  • Added the last previews for the Perry Rhodan project.
10.10. 1999
  • Quite a lot of the pics are not onlone at the moment since the Aminet-site I link to is currently off-line. Added new preview-sequence to the Perry Rhodan page.
11.09. 1999
  • Added previews of a new ship to the Perry Rhodan page.
25.08. 1999
  • Updated the Perry Rhodan page.
16.07. 1999
  • Added a new topic: There is now a Perry Rhodan page that features some preview-pics and -anims.
  • Added a few links
17.06. 1999
  • Added one more pic to the Misc-section
24.05. 1999
  • Added two pics to the Misc-section
16.05. 1999
  • Added High-Res versions of anims on anim-pages 2 and 3. There is now the original 320x240 resolution for machines with slower CPUs as well as a 480x360 version for faster CPUs.
  • Replaced the BoP, Comet and Rendezvous anims by rerendered and improved versions.
  • All anims now are renderd with MIP/SAT-mapping so the textures shouldn´t be flickering that bad anymore.
  • This will propably be the last update for quite a while. I agreed to work on a video-project that will take most of my time for the next few months.
15.04. 1999
  • Some minor corrections.
  • Replaced the Octopod 2 image due to some texture-changes.
  • Replaced the Taskforce anims by rerendered versions with improved lighting.
  • Added anim-pages 2 and 3.
20.02. 1999
  • First posting of these pages.

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